About the Project

Oceans are a gigantic biosphere – but not everybody is living on the seaside. The „Ocean Shop Window“ brings the seas into the center of cities, also the landlocked ones. Video projections turn empty shop windows into aquariums, every day short movies and documentaries highlight the exploration and utilization of the oceans as well as the enormous biodiversity and colorfulness of life under water

The project starts with a small preview in the town of Karlsruhe. In 2017, the installation will be brought to pedestrian zones and shopping streets in five different cities across Germany. Through an accompanying program with scientific talks and movie screenings, pedestrians can dive further into the topic. After about four weeks, the installation will move on to the next city.

The „Ocean Shop Window“ is a project contributing to the Science Year 2016*17  – Seas and Oceans. It is organized by the Department for Science Communication (link in German) at the Institute for German Studies at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT). It is supported by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.


More Information

As the project is conducted in Germany, the website is German only. If you are an international visitor to our page, we apologize and hope the colorful fish below (exclusively for you!) compensates a little bit for this. Also, do not hesitate to contact us via email, if you have further questions: info@schaufenster-ozean.de